Pine Bluff Wastewater Utility
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601
Fax: 870-535-6243

Calculations for Rates

How are bills calculated?  Bills consist of two parts (service charge & volume charge).  Rates will be as follows:

Service Charge
(Based on meter size)

Meter SizeMonthly Charge

Most residential customers have a 5/8” meter.

Volume Charge
100 cu. Ft = Ccf

Residential $1.84

For your information: Each Ccf contains 748 gallons of water.

Sample Sewer Bill

If a customer’s average water usage from November to April is 10 Ccf or 7,480 gallons, his monthly sewer bill will read as follows:

$4.39 [service charge] 
$18.40 [volume charge of 1.84 x 10]
$22.79 Total Amount