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2019 Phillips Road Pump Station

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Wastewater Utility opens new PhillipsRoad Pump Station



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Postedat 12:01 AM


Pine BluffWastewater Utility announced this week that the new Phillips Road Pump Stationis now in operation.

WastewaterUtility manager Ken Johnson said the new station is a $3.2 Million Dollarsinfrastructure improvement that was funded from a Bond Issuance of $5M dollarsin 2014.

TheStation is state of the art —using technology whereby monitoring and operationalchanges can be made with the use of mobile devices by authorized wastewaterpersonnel, Johnson said.

Thestation is also equipped with a generator to provide power should an electricaloutage occur in the area.

Thestation was designed to handle several million gallons of wastewater(especially during wet weather seasons) from a large part of the City.Additionally, with the new Casino Resort development, this Phillips Roadstation was timely in that the station will now accommodate additional wastewatervolumes from that location as well.

CristEngineers from Little Rock was the Engineer on the project, and McInnisBrothers Contractors, Minden, LA, performed the construction over the last 14months.

PineBluff Wastewater Utility installed a new water line, nearly a mile in length,for Liberty Utilities. The new water line will not only serve the new stationbut any future developments along Phillips Road too.

Ourcommitment, as promised, was fulfilled to all City of Pine Bluff customersinvestment toward ongoing wastewater system improvements, Johnson said.